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Leyden Dam Flood Control Improvements






On site concrete and RCC production

RCC production and placement

Narrow lifts and linear construction

Project Overview

Construction of an RCC emergency spillway through the dam, a new drop inlet spillway, new outlet pipe extension, manhole structure and terminal structure. Includes demolition of existing intake structure and control structure, and of 100 LF of existing spillway at the upstream end and 59 LF at the downstream end. New stepped RCC emergency chute spillway and new 36" outlet works. Principal quantities include 25,000 CY excavation, 6,500 CY embankment, 10,000 CY RCC, and 640 CY conventional concrete.

Technical Details:

RCC Volume: 10,000 cy; 7,645 m3
Conventional Concrete: 640 cy; 490 m3

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