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Asset Ownership

PEL has played a prominent role in development of various Infrastructure projects.

Patel Engineering
Arunachal Pradesh was the preferred location for reasons more than one
PEL has made its mark in the state of Arunachal Pradesh where the Gongri Hydroelectric Project is underway
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The favourable policies of the state and conducive work environment with minimum hindrances or detrimental activities from the locals have been the major factors for preferring Arunachal Pradesh as the ideal location for this 144 MW project.

Patel Engineering
PEL has already successfully executed a massive project on National Highway-7
India has world's second largest road network, aggregating over 3.34 million kilometres
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In order to provide impetus to the economic development of the country, the government has embarked upon a massive highways development project (NHDP) in the country. Islam Nagar to Kadtal is a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) project on the North-South Corridor.

The road to success and growth, however, never seems to end for us at PEL.  In addition to the above project, we are currently focusing on two major road projects. Construction of high altitude roads along Indo-China border in J&K from Karzok to Chumar are happening in full swing.

Patel Engineering
PEL has entered in field of power transmission business as a lead equity partner in RSTCL an SPV
The role of SPV is Transmission Service provider by establishing transmission line between Raichur to Sholapur
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It is acquired by tariff based competitive bidding process of Government of India being a lead partner of a consortium. This is a part of the National Grid for interconnection between Western and Southern region. The main part of the project is to execute a 765 kV transmission line from Raichur to Sholapur and is the first project of 765 kV capacity awarded to private player.

This is the first step company has taken towards establishing itself as an important player in this relatively unexplored field of development of power transmission projects through privatization. PEL is also building a team of experts who can not only secure such prestigious projects but also a set up for ensuring efficient execution of projects in house to be competitive in the field. PEL is also looking for strategic partnerships to spread it wings in the field.

Technology & Innovation

RCC, Lake Tapping & Microtunneling

Technology and business are becoming virtually inseparable. Patel Engineering has invested in cutting edge technology systems…Read More

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