Expansion and diversification have always been the key focus for Patel Engineering

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Patel Engineering Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group, with expertise in three major market sectors. Technology and business are becoming virtually inseparable.

Patel Engineering

Good infrastructure fuels economic growth of a country. One of the toughest challenges that the world faces today is providing adequate resources like electricity, clean water, shelter and roadways to support over 6 billion people.

Patel Engineering
Real Estate

PEL's expertise also encompasses the real estate domain which is spread across a range of verticals including Integrated Townships, Residential projects, Commercial complexes, state-of-the-art developments.

Patel Engineering
Asset Ownership

PEL has played a prominent role in development of various Infrastructure projects. Over the decades successful execution of various infrastructure projects enabled it to diversify its portfolio and began new venture of Asset Ownership



Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams were constructed for the first time in India by Patel Engineering Ltd at Ghatghar Pumped Storage Scheme (2 x 125 MW) in the State of Maharashtra. RCC is the key to fast, efficient, economic and a high quality way of constructing dams of any size & quantity. Extensive use of Fly Ash in Concrete Mix Design reduces the Cement content, thereby reducing the overall cost of the Concrete and it also aids in Environment Protection, as wasteful material like Fly Ash is put to a productive use. RCC is a zero slump concrete which is mixed, transported and placed in layers followed by spreading of the same with Dozers and compaction with the help of Vibratory Rollers.


Lake Tapping is a technique for connecting water conductor system to the Lake. Lake can be pierced by both dry and wet (sub-merged) methods. In dry piercing, the Lake is depleted forcibly and rock plug is blasted from top. In sub-merged piercing, rock plug is blasted from bottom without depleting the Lake. The sub-merged piercing can be executed by two different methods, viz. open and close methods. For Koyna Lake Tap, open method with control gates on downstream of the shaft was adopted.


In order to solve the acute problems of underground infrastructure associated with rapid urban growth, PEL has used micro tunneling to construct subterranean networks for sewage, water and storm water applications. In the cities of Mumbai and Delhi, over 25 km of new networks have been built with pipe sizes ranging from 600mm to 2000mm and using RCC and HDPE pipes, thereby permitting urban planners to overcome hurdles such as existence of slums, lack of secondary networks for road, pedestrian and water traffic. Single drives of over 315 meters have been achieved.

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