Infrastructure is not a matter of choice, but of need

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Good infrastructure fuels economic growth of a country.

Patel Engineering
Hydro Power is a renewable source of energy
Dams provide a range of economic and social benefits including flood control, water storage, irrigation, hydroelectric power generation
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We have been instrumental in the construction of many such projects across the country such as Serlui earthen dam, the construction of which included Civil and Hydro-mechanical works pertaining to Earth fill Dam, Chute Spillway, Power Duct & Penstock, Powerhouse & Tail Race channel Switchyard. Another challenging project, which ranks among the first three RCC dams in India and 40 RCC dams across the globe, is Ghatghar. With this project, PEL has become the only Indian organisation with experience in construction of RCC dams. The process involves laying of concrete across length and breadth of dam body by placing horizontal layers, instead of vertical blocks in conventional method.

The massive strength of these projects is evident from the fact that each one has stood the test of time-a testimony to PEL's experience and expertise spanning more than 6 decades. A hydro power project is a matter of great experience and expertise. Difficult geographical areas, inclement weather and inhospitable conditions are some of the obstacles. We, at PEL, however, believe in turning these obstacles into opportunities. It is this attitude that has helped us successfully execute numerous prominent Power Projects despite the hindrances. These include Thermal and Hydroelectric schemes, varying in capacities from 3MW to 1,000MW.

Besides, we have also handled underground powerhouses with appurtenant structures like intake, gate structures, penstocks, switchyards and affiliated services and buildings. Some of the key projects are Rampur H.E., spanning 15 km HRT on the right bank of River Satluj, with a power generation capacity of 412 MW and the Srisailam Project which has a capacity to generate 900 MW of power.

Patel Engineering
PEL has been the name behind some of the finest roads and rail bridges and tunnels across the nation
The company has redefined transportation
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Constructing projects of immense scale and exceptional quality, which include the 25 km-long East-West Corridor in Assam costing Rs. 2387.25 million and Surat-Manor Tollway Project, stretching upto 38 km at a cost of Rs. 2550 million has helped to improve connectivity. Using reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and structural steel, we have not only built highways, bridges and roads, but also an unmatched reputation of dependability, capability and ingenuity.

Patel Engineering
Since inception, PEL has spearheaded several assignments in the areas of irrigation and marine works
Large-scale dams and marine works require years of solid experience and expertise
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We have used its in-depth knowledge, skill and technical expertise combined with meticulous planning, an efficient management approach and determination to revolutionize these important areas of construction. The company has built Earthen Dams and Concrete Gravity Dams for harnessing the powerful river waters. Some the company's sterling marine projects include jetty, caissons, slipway, wet docks and other allied structures.

Major irrigation under execution includes Bhima Lift Irrigation Project, Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation, Jawahar Lift Irrigation Project, Jigaon Lift Irrigation Scheme, Bargi Diversion Project and Krishna Delta System. The Eleventh Five Year Plan targets to develop 16mn hectares through major, medium and minor irrigation works.

Patel Engineering
PEL has contributed immensely to the field of real estate establishments both in India and internationally
Over the years, we have executed several industrial projects
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Combining superior quality with high speed, the company has successfully completed several projects of great magnitude. These include Oil Refineries, Foundries and Machine Shops, Chemical plants a range of industrial units requiring several tones of concrete, structural steel fabrication and installation.In addition, the company has also made a mark by constructing several prominent structures capable of defining the skyline of any city. These include Hotels, Theatre, Post Offices, Car Parks, Sports Stadium, College Campuses, Office buildings, Power Stations and Public Utility Buildings.

These structures are not just towering symbols of quality and technical precision, but also exquisite examples of beauty and aesthetics. More importantly, we have also been credited with special recognition from international governments and engineers for constructing a futuristic building in the Arabian Gulf.

Some of the premium landmark projects within India include Centaur Hotel (Mumbai), Indoor Stadium (Gujarat), while overseas our symbol of excellence can be witnessed on the General Post Office (Qatar) and Conference Centre cum Secretariat for SAARC (Bhutan).

Patel Engineering
Our expertise and experience has also enabled us to use the state-of-the-art 'Micro-tunneling Technology'
Highly advanced and reliable technology
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In the construction of tunnel from Veravali to Adarsh Nagar to Yari Road, including shafts and allied works. The length of the tunnel bored in this case extended upto 6.1 km for facilitating water supply. The project does not pose any kind of hindrance to normal day-to-day life and activities of people in and around the neighbourhood, while ensuring continuous water supply to entire stretch covered by the tunnel.

Technology & Innovation

RCC, Lake Tapping & Microtunneling

Technology and business are becoming virtually inseparable. Patel Engineering has invested in cutting edge technology systems…Read More

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