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Pueblo Dam






Bureau of Reclamation


11,000 cy conventional concrete with reinforcing steel
4,500 grouted anchor bars
11,600 LF grouted rock bolts

Project Overview

The project involved in-filling the existing stilling basin with RCC and overlaying the RCC with reinforced structural concrete cap. Features include drilling of foundation drains; high pressure water surface preparation of the existing concrete; installation of well point dewatering system; producing, delivering, and placing 63,000 cy RCC. Creating a new stilling basin configuration with RCC; installation of an elevated, 4,000 cfs, 60 fps diversion flume system; drilling and grouting of rock bolts; drilling and grouting anchor bars; and grouting of induced cracks in the RCC.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Dam safety modification
Original Dam: Concrete
Gravity Height (mod.): 65 feet; 20 m
Length (mod.): 550 feet; 170 m
RCC Volume: 63,000 cy; 48,200 m3
Structural Concrete: 11,000 cy; 8,400 m3

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