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Konar Dam






Damodar Valley Corporation


Project Overview

Situated across the Konar river, it was the second of the four multi-purpose dams in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Project. The Dam is composite type with gated concrete spillway in centre and earthern embankments on the flanks.
The length of the dam is 3900m. with a spillway capacity of 2,40,000 cusecs, and a storage capacity of over 2,73,000 acre ft. The spillway and non-overflow sections are straight gravity type, The 110 m spillway with concrete abutments sections of 77m. and 90.5m. are provided with 9 tainter type crest gates (10.3m x 9.9m). In the concrete dam, diamond-shaped hollow blocks were provided at each block joint to reduce concrete volume and helped heat dissipation.

Technical Details:

Total length of the dam 3,900m.

Width of the apron section 80 m

Height of the dam 58m.

Earth work 42,83,000 cu.m.

Length of the spillway 110m.

Concrete 3,26,000 cu.m.

Base width of the spillway 45m.

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