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Chukha Hydro Electric Project




Chukha Project Authority


40 mt high,  105 mt long diversion dam and 2 km long, 4.9 mt dia tunnel, with allied works

Project Overview

The dam is an overflow type of concrete gravity dam, located at an altitude of 2,200m. across Wangchu river in Central Bhutan. The masonary Cofferdam was constructed on concrete foundation upto river bed level. Curtain grouting was done before the construction of the cofferdam so as to minimise the dewatering problems. The construction of Chukha dam also involved building a diversion dam, along with associated works of Intake and Underground Desilting chambers and concrete lining of 2500m long Head Race Tunnel. The challenge of the project was working under unfavourable weather conditions and in areas that are extremely inhospitable

Technical Details:

Length 92m. Flushing Tunnels (2 nos) 2.1m. dia. 285m. long
Height 40m. Intake structures 2 nos.
Open excavation 2,88,000 cu.m. Intake Tunnels 6m. dia, 120m. length
Underground excavation 1,38,000 cu.m. D-shaped desilting (2 nos) 8m. dia.
Concrete 1,62,000 cu.m. chambers 14m. deep 350m. length

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