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Caissons for Canada India Reactor






Tata Power Company, Atomic Energy of India


Project Overview

R.C.C. Caissons were constructed, partly on the slipway and partly afloat,sunk on rubble foundation and the extension of the trestles carrying cooling water systems. The R.C.C. box Caisson for the salt water jetty pumpsstation was built under dry conditions on the slipway and later launched and towed. The tidal range in the course of the work varied between 17 feet to 2 feet. The Caisson Sinking was achieved through four 300 mm dia. sluice valves. R.C.C. trestle pipe supports were constructed on steel piles of welded box section, both vertical and raked. Solid cold grout application was given on the piles.

Technical Details:

Dredging 1,600 cu. m.
Concrete 1,200 cu. m.
Total Piling 152m.
Pile length 16m.
Reinforcement 100 tonnes
Structural steel 20 tonnes

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