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Srisailam Left Bank Hydro Electric Project




Andhra Pradesh


Andhra Pradesh Electricity Board


Executed largest cavern in Asia 236 X 25 X 53 mt. Project involved contruction of Pressure water tunnel of 9.71 km long dia varying 6 mt to 16 mt dia, power house cavern, transformer cavern, surge cavern, intake structures

Project Overview

The works specifies Construction of Power House of 5900 Sqm, installed with 6 Turbines, being pumped storage, in pumping mode Turbines act as Pumps and Power House is synonymous to Pump House.

Technical Details:

9614 m Long Pressure Tunnels of dia varying from 6m to 16m from HRT to TRT
Power House Cavern: 236.0 m x 25.0 m x 33.0 m
Surge Cavern: 181.0 m x 21.5 m x 76.0 m
Transformer Cavern: 176.0 m x 17.0 m x 26.0 m

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