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Syar Tunnel Control Gate & Bypass Piping






Fabrication and installation of control gate

Removal and installation of piping and valves

160 LF x 28" horizontal bore through rock and reinforced concrete

1,700 LF bypass piping in existing tunnel

Project Overview

Work involves both ends of Syar Tunnel, which provides water deliveries from Strawberry Reservoir.  Downstream work involves excavation around existing structures, removal of 8'6" diameter steel pipe, fabrication and installation of 7.25' x 9.25' control gate, control house and controls, service road and yard. Upstream work involves 1,700 LF of new 20" stainless bypass piping and connection to existing pipes. Work includes drilling through reinforced concrete and rock. Bypass piping installed in the crown of the tunnel with work accessed through Syar Tunnel and the Strawberry inlet gate chamber area.

Technical Details:

Type of Project: Tunnel control gate and bypass piping

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