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Construction Modifications At Jed Johnson Dam






Dam construction/reconstruction

Floating plant (barge mounted crane and staging)

Coordination with spillway flows

Mass concrete, precision demolition

Installation of 43 post-tensioned anchors

Wire saw cutting of concrete

Project Overview

Modifications include wire saw cutting of between one and five feet of the existing top of the dam; installation of 43 post-tensioned anchors in large diameter percussion drilled holes; and replacement of 160 cy of concrete to the top of the dam. Installation of an upstream and downstream guard gate; construction of a 900 LF moisture cutoff wall; installation of a cured-in-place liner through the outlet works pipe; diver performed installation of upstream gate and repairs to upstream surfaces. All work at the dam accessed and staged from barges.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Structural concrete
Height: 50 feet; 15 m
Crest Length: 273 feet; 85 m
Conventional Concrete: 160 cy; 120 m3

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