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Middle Fork Dam






Exxon Company


ASI's first RCC dam

Oil shale (Marlstone) aggregate

Project Overview

As ASI's first RCC dam, and the second in the United States, the project involved constructing a new RCC dam on a previously excavated earthfill dam foundation. Other features of the project included constructing a temporary 50 foot high (15.24 m) sheet pile wall staging platform; foundation preparation; construction of a multilevel intake tower and associated outlet works; and placement of the RCC dam. ASI designed, proposed, and built a stepped downstream face, which has since been frequently used in many RCC dam designs.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: RCC, gravity
Height: 124 feet; 40 m
Crest Length: 500 feet; 150 m
RCC Volume: 50,000 cy; 38,000 m3
Conventional Concrete: 7,600 cy; 5,800 m3

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