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Quail Creek South Dam






Washington County Water Conservancy


Massive trench-cut foundation

Approximately 5,800 cy (4,400 m) per day maximum RCC placement, conveyor delivered

Vertical cast-in-place upstream face

Project Overview

The project involved constructing a new RCC dam, beginning in a 60 foot vertical, stepped cutoff trench. The dam replaced an earth dam which failed in 1989, partially due to difficult foundation conditions. Features of the project included extensive sedimentary, gypsum seamed, foundation preparation; leveling and dental concrete; placement of the new dam installation of 72" steel pipe, outlet works, intake tower and gates. All work was completed within a six month period.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: RCC, gravity
Height: 138 feet; 40 m
Crest Length: 2,100 feet; 640 m
RCC Volume: 170,000 cy; 130,000 m3
Conventional Concrete: 22,400 cy; 17,100 m3

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