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Toker River Water Supply Project




Government of Eritrea


Project Overview

Construction of a new RCC dam with a vertical cast-in-place upstream face and a stairstepped cast-in-place downstream face. Total conventional concrete quantity of 30,000 cy (22,900 cm). Construction of an overflow spillway incorporated into the downstream steps of the dam, outlet control tower with seven sluice gates, pump station, and 17 km of steel water supply pipeline. Other works included curtain and blanket grouting of the dam foundation; and 200,000 cy (153,000 cm) of common rock excavation

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: RCC Gravity
Height: 246 feet; 75 m
Crest Length: 800 feet; 244 m
RCC Volume: 235,000 cy; 180,000 cm

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