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Platanovrissi Dam & Hydroelectric Project






Innovative RCC conveyor and pipe delivery system

Project Overview

Platanovrissi is one dam in a series being developed by the Public Power Corporation of Greece for hydroelectric power generation and pumped storage in the northern part of the country. It is one of the tallest RCC dams built or under contract in Europe.  The project involved building a new fly ash milling plant; construction of the new dam, tunnel spillway, integral power plant and all associated civil, electrical and mechanical works. The project has several interesting and challenging design and construction aspects, one being the aggressive high percentage of fly ash to cement in the design mix

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: RCC gravity
Height: 310 feet; 95 m
Crest Length: 950 feet; 290 m
RCC Volume: 589,000 cy; 450,000 m3

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