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Standley Lake Dam Rehabilitation






Twin 72" microtunnel intakes " & wet" lake taps

Underwater intake structure installation

Eight RCC grade control drop structures

Labyrinth Spillway Weir

100 ft shaft

965 ft conventional outlet tunnel

Project Overview

Twin 72" diameter microtunnel wet taps of the existing reservoir, two underwater intakes; a 35 ft. diameter 100 ft. deep reinforced concrete valve shaft, 1000 ft. of 11.5 ft. diameter tunnel with 102" diameter steel conduit, 3,500 ft. of 102"-84" steel conduit, stream release facilities, a new valve house, a new spillway with concrete labyrith weir and multiple RCC drop structures, existing outlet works abandonment and stability berm on the downstream face of the existing earth dam

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Earthfill
Height: 90 feet; 27 m
Crest Length: 8000 feet; 2,440 m
RCC 26,000 cy; 19,850 m
Conventional Concrete: 7,000 cy; 5,340 m3

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