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Peterson Dam Rehabilitation






City of Greeley


Remote, high mountain, single season

Vertical upstream face

2-foot, cast-in-place downstream face

Project Overview

Occurring at a 9,500-foot (2,896 m) elevation near the summit of Cameron Pass, the new Peterson Dam replaced an existing embankment dam previously abandoned for safety considerations. Following one of the heaviest spring snow packs on record, all RCC and concrete aggregates and sand were processed onsite; the old dam was removed; an embankment saddle dam was raised; the dam's common and blasted rock footprint was removed and prepared; a curtain grout wall installed; a concrete outlet tower and 30-inch outlet pipe placed; and the dam and integral spillway was substantially completed in one short construction season.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam:RCC Gravity
Height: 70 feet; 21 m
Crest Length: 250 feet; 76 m
RCC Volume: 10,000 cy; 7,645 cm

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