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Buckhorn Reservoir




North Carolina


City of Wilson, NC


Monolith type RCC construction
In September 1999, the just completed project withstood Hurricane Floyd without damage, at peak flow of roughly double the 500-year flood event

Project Overview

The municipal water supply project involved construction of a new RCC dam with in-line intake/ outlet structure and overflow spillway.Related work included clearing of 1,700 acres of wetlands & swamps around the reservoir edge, construction of access roads, improvements to state highways, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation for the dam. Project features included implementation of phased stream diversion, extensive long-term dewatering of dam foundation, excavation, cleanup and treatment of poor quality foundation rock, curtain grouting, construction of monolith-type RCC dam requiring all-conveyor placement, stepped OGEE principal spillway, intake/outlet structure. On-site conventional concrete and RCC plants as well as a 2,400 LF continuous conveyor delivery system were required for construction of the dam. The PVC-membrane lined precast panels that formed the vertical faces of the dam were also produced on-site

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: New RCC
Height: 44 feet; 15 m
Crest Length: 2,562 feet; 780 m
RCC Volume: 84,000 cy; 64,200 m3
Conventional Concrete: 21,000 cy; 16,000 m3

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