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Wesley Seale Dam Spillway






City of Corpus Christi


Extension of existing gates

Massive concrete water control structures

Work sequenced to minimize very real hurricane now potential impacts

Winner of ASDSO National Rehabilitation Project of the Year 2001

Texas Construction Award of Excellence for 2001

Project Overview

The project consisted of on-site producing, delivering, and placing of 72,000 cy of mass concrete and 16,000 cy of conventional reinforced concrete to stabilize the existing dam structure. Work involved river diversion, cofferdam construction, extensive dewatering, and 700 drilled wells to relieve water pressure from beneath the structures. The project also included construction of subdrains, structural rehabilitation, tendon anchors, spillway gate rehabilitation and extensions, instrumentation, earthwork, roadwork, and a new administration building.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Concrete Slab & Buttress
Height: 56 feet; 17 m
Crest Length: 2,400 feet; 700 m
Conventional Concrete: 72,000 cy; 55,000 m3

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