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Hunting Run Dam






Country of Spotsylvania


430,000 cy earth and rock excavation
110,000 SF of grout curtain
Placement of 380,000 cy earth and rock fill

Project Overview

Construction of new 150,000 cy RCC dam. Project includes excavation of 430,000 cy (328,700 m3) of earth and rock; construction and maintenance of stream and river diversion facilities; cleanup and preparation of rock foundations; drilling and grouting for approximately 110,000 SF (10,220 sm) of grout curtain; fabrication and installation of 120,000 SF (11,150 sm) of precast panels; placement of approximately 380,000 cy (290,500 m) of earth and rock fill; and construction of spillways, outlet works, 24 MGD river intake and pump station, and 3,500 LF (1,065 m) 36" intake pipeline.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: New RCC
Height: 120 feet; 36 m
Crest Length: 1,300 feet; 395 m
RCC Volume: 150,000 cy; 115,000 m3
Conventional Concrete: 11,300 cy; 8,600 m3

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