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Motts Run Dam






Country of Spotsylvania Virginia


Project Overview

Rehabilitation of existing dam outlet works including replacement of two 10" gates with new 24" gates; constructing two thrust block walls within the intake tower; rehabilitating the 36" low-level sluice gate; injecting chemical grout in the existing 48" conduit; installing 700 LF of HDPE conduit liner in the existing 48" conduit; and refurbishing all miscellaneous metals on the tower deck. Work included excavation of the dam's toe for installation of a toe drain, along with pipe drains and a sand blanket drain on the downstream slope of the dam. Approximately 25,000 tons of sand used. Approximately 20,000 cy of unclassified material was excavated to form an emergency spillway and raise the overall height of the dam. A concrete sill was constructed across entire length of the emergency spillway.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Earth-fill
Height: 97 feet; 30 m
Crest Length: 700 feet; 200 m
Conventional Concrete: 250 cy; 190 m3

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