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Bluestone Lake Dam Safety Works




West Virginia


US Army Corps of Engineers


Cofferdam construction and dewatering

Floating plant (barge staged)

Drillingpier and bridge construction

Project Overview

Dam safety rehabilitation project. Features include fabrication and installation of six 18' diameter steel penstock extensions, new bulkhead gates 21' square, hydraulic operating system, and placement of 42,000 cy of reinforced mass concrete thrust blocks. On-site plant provided 3" aggregate concrete with aggregate re-wash and re-screen capability. The only access to the project is across 1,360 LF (415 m) temporary panel-type bridge installed by ASI in the 35' deep sti lling basin.

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Mass Concrete
Height: 155 feet; 45 m Crest Length: 1,980 feet; 600 m RCC Volume: N/A
Conventional Concrete: 42,000 cy; 32,100 m3

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