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Loch Raven Dam Rehabilitation






Phased River diversion over existing spillway
Work restricted by upper and lower reservoirs
On-Site RCC production
All-Conveyor RCC delivery & placement

Project Overview

Construction of 75,000 cy RCC and conventional concrete buttress. Phased cofferdam diversion of Gunpowder river through work site. Demolition and reconstruction of the spillway, outlet transition and approximately 180 ft of 10 foot diameter pccp outlet conduit. Installation of high capacity post-tensioned rock anchors and construction of a miter gate closure system. Removal of existing shotcrete and deteriorated concrete from spillway by mechanical and hydro-blasting methods. Rehabilitation of existing outlet gates, intake screen rakes, and rehabilitation of gate house and miscellaneous sitework

Technical Details:

Type of Dam: Mass Concrete 
Height: 130 feet; 40 m 
Crest Length: 650feet; 198m
RCC Volume: 60,000 cy; 45,800m3
Conventional Concrete: 15,000 cy; 11,450 m3

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