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Veravalli Mumbai Tunnel Project






Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai


Project Overview

MCGM is already abstracting 1365 MLD from Bhatsa river developed in 3 stages during last 20 years. The present project is the fourth stage of augmentation and is called Stage IIIA. Under IIIA MCGM proposes to construct number of U/G tunnel in the city and connect them to existing system in order to augment and strengthen capacity of the existing transmission system.
Under this contract work includes construction of rock tunnel of 3.0m bored diameter to 2.2 finished diameter by modern full face rock TBM including communication facilities. Safety measures, lighting, ventilation, dewatering, dry mucking and its disposal. It also involves construction of 3 deep shafts located at Yari Road, Adarsh Nagar, Veravali and RC well Cofferdams at Yari Road, Adarsh Nagar and Veravali. Total length of tunnel covered in the project is 6.1 Km of Shafts ranging from 50-90 m depth.

Technical Details:

Excavated Diameter-3.0m
6.1 Km total tunnelling
Underground Vertical Surge Shaft
Depth 48.0m, 50.0m & 89m

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