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Sawra Kuddu Hydro Electric Project




Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.


Project Overview

Sawara Kuddu Hydroelectric Project located in between Hatkoti-Snail conceived as a run of the river scheme on Pabbar river in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. The Project envisages the diversion of water of Pabbar River by constructing a 10.45 m high Diversion Barrage  (P. K. Weir type) near  Power Intake, Desanding Arrangements having 3 Nos. Desanding Chambers and 11.145 Km long Head Race Tunnel along with other appurtenant structures like Surge Shaft, Pressure Shafts and underground Power House to house three Francis Turbine driven generating units having an installed capacity of 37 MW each

Technical Details:

Surge shaft: 14m dia, 83.64m depth
Transformer cavern: 73mx14mx22.25 m
Cable Tunnel: 5.5m, D-shaped, 277m long
Diversion Barrage: P.K. Weir Type with 10.45m height
Power Intake: 14.85mx15.70mx4.20m

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