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Ghatghar Hydro Electric Project






Government of Maharashtra


First RCC Dam in Asia

Project Overview

The project area Is bestowed with beautiful skyline dotted by numerous peaks of the Sahyadrl hill range and a cliff on the west known as a "Konkan Kada'. It Is connected to State Highway No.44, from Shahapur, which is on Mumbai - Agra National Highway No. 3, in District Thane. The Ghatghar Pumped Storage Scheme provides for an installation of 2 reversible pump turbines, generator motor units, each of 125 MW. The scheme envisages construction of two reservoirs viz. Upper reservoir MSL 750m. The lower reservoir 0 MSL 350m. and an adjacent under ground power house.The scheme Involves recycling of water between the upper reservoir and the lower reservoir with a vertical drop of more than 400m. to generate power during peak hours and to pump water from Lower reservoir to Upper reservoir during off peak hours at night.

Technical Details:

Upper Dam
Hieght 15.16m, Length 503m
Spillway: Ogee type, Length 70.8m

Lower Dam
Height 86.14m, Length 446.80m
Spillway: Stepped Type, Length 89m

Saddle Dam
Height: 7.5m, Length: 292m

Pressure Shaft: Length 696m

Power House (250Mw)
Machine Hall: 123m X 23.40m X 46.80m
Transformer Hall: 81.35m X 20m X 26m

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