Patel Engineering Ltd., founded in 1949, is one of the major Infrastructure and Construction Company

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Time and money spent in helping men to do more for themselves is far better than mere giving.
Henry Ford

Corporate responsibility is not simply a policy at Patel Engineering, but a way of working. Active engagement with humanitarian and charitable causes is a defining feature of the people at Patel.

This commitment influences Patel's approach to projects, to clients and collaborators. We believe the very business of doing business in a responsible way has a positive social impact; addressing the issues facing the world now - from clean water, better healthcare, green energy and better schools, to sustainable and vibrant cities and an empowered workforce and citizenry - does not pose a choice between business strategy and citizenship strategy. Rather, it represents a fusion of the two.

We dont want this to become checkbook philantrophy; instead we want this to become a sustained and engaged partnership for positive change.

Our projects are in some of the most rural areas. Patel is in the process of developing a strategy to identify the most enduring problems in an area close to where we work and, mobilize our technological and human resources, and deploy strategic and deliberate solutions by collaborating and working with local leaders or NGO's operating in the area to make sure benefit of these solutions accrue at the community level. The key is to methodically align our community service efforts to our areas of business expertise so that we are able to engage longer and more meaningfully. 


We don't want to this to become checkbook philanthropy; instead we want this to become a sustained and engaged partnership for positive change. And it allows us to scale our programs over time and form lasting, collaborative partnerships through which we can both transfer knowledge and build capacity.

This staying power can be seen in some of our programs that we are currently supporting, from those that help bring education to young children, jobs for the blind and physically handicap.

We have to make our society safer, more accountable, and more sustainable - The consequences of inaction are dire and that's what makes the opportunity great. The transformations we've seen by exercising our intensions with the efforts are encouraging and this is opening up a growing dialogue and generating thousands of new ideas.

Some of the Foundations we support :
Kunvarji Mulji KelavaniTrust

Shri Kunvarji Mulji Kelavani Trust Fund was established in 1953 by late Mr. Arjun K. Patel (the founder of the company) in memory of his father late Mr Kunvarji Muljibhai Patel. Initially it only supported boarding facilities for boys in April 1955 in the heart of Rajkot City. In the year 2005, Mr. Pravin Patel, existing promoter and son of late Mr. ArjunPatel, further enhanced the boarding program and developed a new building in the name of Sharda Vidya Bhavan on celebrating 50 years of the trust.

In Sharda Vidya Bhavan many vocational courses are offered for the local society with special focus on young girls and married women to enhance their skills and help make them self-sufficient. Some of the courses include Computer education, Yoga-Aerobics, Fashion Design, Beauty Classes, Stitching-Machi-Embroidery, Graphic Design & Animation, Jewelry Design, Computer Hardware & Networking, MBA coaching class, BBA, BCA, MSW, BSC.IT, College of journalism etc. under the affiliation of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University & Indira Gandhi national Open University.

In 2008, a Play house, Nursery, Jr. KG, Sr. KG was introduced at the new land Raiya Village in Rajkot.

Arpan Welfare Foundation

Mr. Rupen Patel, the Managing Director and son of Mr. Pravin Patel started Arpan. The mission of the foundationis' the advancement of education directed towards the promotion and dissemination of knowledge and contributing technology, talent and cash to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the world.

The activities are designed to help people to become smarter, and to develop future leaders capable of improving the quality of life for themselves and their communities.

The Cup of Life - Leadership with Play

Each year employees of Patel organize a cricket match and with another company to raise money for a charity called the 'Magic Bus'. In 2010 Patel played against Barclays Capital. 'Magic Bus' is a NGO that has used a unique Sport for Development program to empower children and youth in making effective life choices in areas of gender equality, education, health and leadership & livelihood. 

Other Foundations those we support
  • Child Link India Foundation
  • Magic Bus India
  • St. Catherine's Home
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